What are the benefits to having a
Recreation Park & Sports Complex in Sparta?

    The sports fields in Sparta have been used since organized sports have been played in our community!  The current situation is no longer adequate for our local youth athletic programs to grow. This park will allow all of our youth organizations to come together to one facility and help parents with the travel and scheduling conflicts.

    This Village of Sparta location is ideal to support additional activity as it is centralized for access to current  to support local business. We estimate, when fully up and running, this facility will help make Sparta a destination for recreational activities. When people come to town they spend money on food, gas and other needed items while they are away from home. Increased discretionary spending for Local Business!

    We will become a premier tournament location for youth and adult baseball, softball, soccer and rugby.

    We can anticipate and look forward to attracting new residents to Sparta to attend our schools, maintain a residence, start a new business and grow with our community.

"The Sparta Recreational Center & Sports Complex will certainly enhance the recreation and athletic experiences for the community at large. It will provide optimum recreation and quality athletic facilities for the participants, parents, spectators, and visitors. We are very proud to be part of this process and look forward everyday to working with our community.
 - The S.A.R.A. Team

- This will help improve the quality of life for our community
  for generations.
- Instill community pride and social cohesiveness.
- Relieve parents’ frustrations from having multiple kids in the 
  youth organizations at the same time but different locations.
- Expand our tax base and school funding.
- Ensure that the residents of Sparta have a place to go for
  multiple healthy activities.