The following are questions that have been asked by the residents of Sparta.
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Q: How can I get involved?
We need your donation and financial gifts to finish our goal of reaching $2.1 million dollars to construct the sports park.  Currently, we are over 70% to goal, but we need your help to finish the fundraising!  Please go to DONATE NOW to donate to buy a brick or bench or other amenity today!  
Please also Like us on Facebook at Sparta Area Recreation Association and share with friends, and share this website link with all of your family and friends   
Q: Who owns the property?
A: The Township of Sparta has purchased the property for the community of Sparta to develop a recreational park for all to enjoy. They will then lease the property to Sparta Recreation Authority (S.R.A.) to operate the park.
A: The formation of the “Sparta Recreation Authority” was organized for this reason. They will oversee all design, construction, daily operations and maintenance. All decisions regarding the park will be made by this committee. The S.R.A. consists of council members from Sparta Township, The Village of Sparta and the S.A.R.A. organization.

Q: What happens to existing city parks?
A: The Village of Sparta has provided the following information:
Nash Park: Residential housing as needed.
Central Park: Residential housing as needed.
Buth Park: Commercial Property as needed.
Lamareaux Park: Stays as Community Park -Not an organized sports league facility
Q: What happens to existing Sparta Public Schools fields?
A: The youth sports programs will continue to work with Sparta Schools to help maintain & improve the existing facilities and will still be a showcase for youth sports programs. 
Q: Why a sports & recreation complex?
A: Most of our youth sports programs have increased in registrations up to 25% in the last few years. With the programs growing each year we have outgrown all existing facilities. It would no longer be needed to have practices go past 8pm for the younger players. Parents that have two children playing at the same time may be able to enjoy both events at the same facility even if they are in different sports. 
Q: What would a sports & recreation complex mean to me?
A: 1. Sports fields all in one place.
2. Ability to use a state of the art facility.
3. Promote a healthy lifestyle.
4. Close to all downtown conveniences.
5. Additional revenue for all local businesses.
6. It will make Sparta a destination to incoming families.
7. May help increase property values.
8. Generate community pride.

Q: How will the facility be maintained?
A: Maintenance will be performed by employees working directly for the "Sparta Recreation Authority". The S.R.A. are board members from the Village, the Township, public seats and S.A.R.A. The S.R.A. will also be responsible for allocation of all public funds and oversee all construction projects.

Q: How much will this all cost?
A: Based on public opinion and community needs, budgets are being formalized that will deliver maximum benefits to the community at the lowest possible cost through volunteer participation.