What is our long term funding goal? $4.8 Million
How we are raising the funds?
A project this substantial cannot happen without financial support. We are seeking financial contributions from residents, businesses, foundations and grants.
The Site Property:
The Township of Sparta has signed a “purchase agreement” with the local resident seller. They are now awaiting a closing date. This is a great incentive for the community, knowing that the Township and Village are fully committed to supporting a recreational facility here in Sparta. They are fully committed to making this a recreational destination for all of West Michigan. 

The S.R.A. Recreational Millage Proposal:
The millage proposal will account for the initial portion of the funds to complete phase 1 of the park. 1.00 Mil over 5 years will equate to around $1.14 Million. With this community investment, the construction phase of the project can start immediately and will complete phase I by late fall of 2013 or spring of 2014.
S.A.R.A. Capital Funds Campaign:
The S.A.R.A. Group is fully committed to raising the remainder of the funds over time to complete all phases of the project. The group has already risen over $150,000 in committed funds from local businesses and has hardly begun with this portion of the campaign. We are in talks with other large organizations in the West Michigan area and feel very confident that they will lend a hand to this community effort. We have many tiered sponsorship opportunities from naming a sports field or trail to having your name engraved on a paving brick. Any monies given to SARA will go to the development budget thru the Sparta Recreation Authority. If you would like to consider a donation, please contact Greg Peak greg.peak@sara-sparta.org to set up a meeting time.

State of Michigan Grants:
The S.A.R.A. group is currently researching all Michigan State Grants and other state funding resources to help with future phases of the park. We have made a connection with a Grant writer and feel confident that the State of Michigan will be a valuable resource for future phase funding. The State of Michigan Recreational grant program has given local communities just like ours nearly $600,000 in 2011 to help offset funding for parks just like this.
Operations & Maintenance:
A project like this has costs involved beyond the initial acquisition and construction. We are fully aware that you, the citizens of Sparta, are concerned about this long term investment in our community.
Projected yearly operations
and maintenance costs:
Actual budgets and operational expenses are being finalized and will be available as we get closer to finalizing the projected plans. Operations budgets of the facility are also being finalized.
Due to the initial phases of the park, the park will operate from dawn to dusk only. After dark operations will be considered in future phases with lighting of the parking lots first then softball fields, the main football/rugby field and a soccer field. 

Yearly Revenue Stream:
We estimate an additional $12k per year can be generated through adult leagues alone. With the addition of tournaments from soccer, rugby, baseball and softball an additional $10k-$20k will be generated to help offset operational costs.
Estimated Phase Overview
Phase I : $1.4 Million
-Utilities: Water, Electrical, Irrigation
-Land Development
-Sports Fields Construction
-Concessions & Bathrooms
-Gravel Roads and Parking
-Paved Walking / Biking Trail
-Veterans Memorial Pocket Park
-Facility Signing
Our estimates indicate that the Phase 1 portion will cost around 1.4 million to complete. This figure is estimated high and we believe that we can complete Phase 1 for around 1.2 million.

Phase II: $900 K
- Pave Existing Roads
- Fenced Dog Park
- Frisbee Golf Course
- Summer Basketball Courts
- Wooded Nature Trail system
- Shuffle Board, Bocce Ball & Horseshoes
- Access to Winter Community Sledding Hill
- Winter Community Ice Rink
- Security Installation  
- Develop Landscape further and plant
  more trees
- Parking Lot & Field Lighting
Phase II portion estimated costs are around $900 thousand to complete. This will help complete the park as being a state of the art facility and will finish the outdoor park projects. Any roll over funding from phase I will be immediately sourced for phase II projects.
Phase III: $2.5 Million
- Land Acquisition
- 20,000 sf. Indoor Recreation Facility & Community Center
- Parking
The Phase III part of the project is the future of Sparta indoor sports and recreation. This facility will be used by the community to enjoy indoor recreation like basketball, volleyball, seasonal indoor soccer, and lacrosse. It will also include an indoor walking track, concessions and possibly a gym and weight & cardio training center. This facility will also be used as a community center for ballot voting, industry trade shows, by organizations for consumer events open to the public, such as food and home shows. Estimated costs for this facility are around $2.5 Million.