The Mission:
To provide the citizens of Sparta and neighboring communities a recreation complex where we can develop skills, share experiences and grow.
We promote character development and life-enhancing values thru community based activities and healthy recreation.

 The Organization:
“SARA” which is short for Sparta Area Recreation Association, is the founding organization for the community dream project that is now becoming a reality.
Sparta Area Recreation Association (SARA) is a Not for Profit organization that was founded in 2012 for the sole purpose of working with the community to develop and help manage quality youth recreational facilities.
We are a 1,200+ member Multi-Sports Community, representing 5 existing local Youth Sports Programs that are 100% Volunteer Organized.
 The Feedback: 
Please take our survey to help us turn this dream into reality!
 The Partners of 
 The Dream:
Proposed Property:
▪ In the Village & Township of Sparta.
  .03 miles to crossroads of downtown.
▪ In accordance with the Sparta Parks & Recreation Master Plan.
▪ Also aligns with Kent Trails System Master Plan.
Socioeconomic Impact:
▪ Tournaments will bring over 5000 people per summer. 
▪ Adult leagues will bring 100+ people per night
▪ Additional people will be in town to enjoy the park.
▪ More people in town results in more business revenue.
▪ Families will relocate here for our youth programs.
▪ Development expands our tax base and school funding.
Improve overall Community Pride