Who is S.A.R.A.?
Sparta Area Recreation Association is a
non-profit 501-3(c) organization made up of local youth organization leaders, business owners, parents and citizens of Sparta, MI. and 100% volunteer. Our organizations work with over 1,200 young athletes in our community. We are dedicated to bringing quality facilities to the community of Sparta.

Our mission is to provide the citizens of Sparta and neighboring communities a recreation complex where we can help develop skills, share experiences and grow. We promote character development and life-enhancing values thru community based activities and healthy recreation.
The Board Members of
Sparta Area Recreation Association:
Greg peak - Sparta Youth Rugby President
Tim Driscoll - Sparta Little League President
Troy Guerra - Sparta Youth Football President
Todd Herrington - F.C.Ridge Soccer President
Who is S.R.A.?
"Sparta Recreation Authority" is the organization formed by Sparta Township, The Village of Sparta and the S.A.R.A. organization.
The Sparta Recreation Authority board members were chosen by each of the organizations as a representative of that organization.
We have joined together to design, build, operate and maintain a recreational center and sports park for Sparta, MI.
Each group has equal representation on the S.R.A. committee and is dedicated to providing maximum benefit at the lowest possible cost by making the most thorough, cost effective decisions, with the communities best interest in mind. This "Authority" committee is meeting regularly to research, develop and oversee the progress of the park from concept to completion and beyond.
The Sparta Recreation Authority will also oversee all funds for this community project. Public funds, donations and any source of income to the project will go through this organization.

Sparta Recreation Authority
Board Members Include:
Robert Maier - Sparta Township
Robert Steffens - Sparta Township
Kevin Pinckney - Community Resident
Robert Whalen - Village of Sparta Council
Scott Christie- Village of Sparta Council
Carrie Cowdrey - Community Resident
Greg Peak - S.A.R.A. Board Member
Todd Herrington- S.A.R.A. Board Member
Troy Guerra- S.A.R.A. Board Member

Supporting the Community:
Along with the commitment of all local Sparta governments, municipalities and youth organizations we have many other organizations and businesses that have shown their support for the Sparta Recreational Park and Sports Complex.

We truly value the partnerships that we have formed along the way to make this dream a reality.
Sparta Area Schools
Sparta Sports Boosters
Sparta PTC
Sparta Rotary Club
Sparta American Legion
Friends of Sparta Trails
Sparta Chamber of Commerce
Sparta Downtown Development Authority
and many more...