Sparta is a community of active people. A multitude of 5k runs, competitions and festivals bring people out in droves. There are more than 1,200 youth athletes in grades K-12 that represent baseball, football, soccer, cheer and rugby. More than 30% of the families here have children under the age of 18.
    Unfortunately, the community resources do not support an active, vibrant lifestyle. There are only six non-school fields for tee-ball, Little League and football scattered over the village and township, none of which occupies space that was originally intended to be a sports field. None of the fields have bathrooms or concessions. One does not even have a parking lot! Teams are constantly juggling schedules to make the resources stretch far enough to meet the demand. While the school graciously shares its fields when they are not in use, the reality is that the school teams use them a great deal of the time. Other than these few outdoor fields for baseball and soccer, there are really no other parks or outdoor recreation areas in Sparta.
    The existing fields, which are more than 40 years old, have been lovingly stewarded. Although dedicated volunteers carefully tend to the existing resources, the reality is that even the grass is original! Regular maintenance is always performed, but necessary upgrades such as adding irrigation or providing handicap-accessible seating have not been done. It is also incredibly difficult and time-consuming to move equipment and find people to care for six fields when they are scattered across roughly four miles. The conditions are so bad that other sports teams have refused to travel to Sparta for games.
    The community is focused on development, as evidenced by the monies spent on a new high school in 2005 and other development efforts such as the downtown streetscape in 2009, and infrastructure development through the new water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities. But young families will not stay in the community if it does not have the outdoor amenities that encourage youth, adult and family activity. Without young families, the community will stagnate and die. Something must be done.

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